• Masjid Alnoor


Masjid Prayertime

Begins Iqamah
FAJAR 06:10 06:30
Sunrise 07:43
ZUHR 12:18 01:00
ASR 02:19 02:50
Maghrib 04:43 04:43
ISHA 06:21 07:30
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Local Donors

Barclays Bank
Alnoor Cultural & Educational Trust
A/C# 90592331
Sort code 20-89-56

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Overseas Donors

Barclays Bank
2 Station Parade,Barking,IG11 8DL 
Alnoor Cultural & Educational Trust
IBAN:  GB63BARC20729100177385

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    Madrasah Alnoor

     The madrasah started in April 2005. We have two madrasah for boys and girls.

    1. The weekday madrasah i.e Mon to Thu and
    2. The weekend madrasah i.e Sat and Sun
    Contact: (T): 0208 5943100 or madrasah(at)alnoorcet.co.uk
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    Alnoorcet Quran Competition

    The AQC was introduced this year and by the grace of Allah we are hoping to continue in years to come inshaaLLah.

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